Johanessa Viljoen’s heart for children is written all over her life. As a children church pastor she is developing and is responsible for the latest programs and pioneers training tools for children to lead other children.

Johanessa sees the end goal and implements sound strategy in order to obtain it. She intuitively works with the hearts of her staff and calls forth the best in people. She is an inspirational leader who through storytelling inspires people to excel.

Married to Jaco with 3 beautiful children, she opens her heart & home to orphaned children on a regular basis. Johanessa attended bible school in 1999 and started ministry school in 2014 and 2015 where she wrote her thesis on preteen ministry, how to maximize the ability for preteens to know their spiritual gifts and transition them from children’s ministry to the youth ministry of the local church.

Johanessa is a founding member of Salt and Light Children’s Discipleship where she and her team reach out to children in Primary schools for the purpose of their spiritual growth, discipleship and prayer. She also facilitates children Leaders In Training (LIT) discipleship groups, where children are trained in order to reach their peers with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Being involved in her community and growing in experience to work with volunteers in different areas of ministry, she uses these skills and experiences in mobilizing volunteers and managing people to lead the Salt and Light leadership team. 

Current position: Director, and PRO (Personal Relations Officer) of Salt & Light Children’s Discipleship