Orleansvale is a Primary School found in the heart of one of the most dangerous township areas in Paarl known as Chicago. This school is the most frowned upon Primary school in the Paarl east community where most of the kids end up in gangsterism or drugs. We have been going to Orleansvale form May this year and we stand in awe of the change we have seen in the lives of the children. Justine, one of our vibrant and passionate young volunteers, met a young girl in het grade 4 class that had no interest in what we wanted to teach them. She was distant and closed off in the beginning. At the end of the year this young girl that wanted nothing to do with Justine and that was blatantly rude to her ended up carrying her bag to the car after class. She participated in the various games and activities and she even prayed in front of her whole class.